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Still the best

Took my brother and wife here when they were down from Scotland. They were so impressed. The owner and staff have adopted our 94 year old best friend as their Da Da, grand dad in Indian Well done Luff and all the boys

By topsyjkv at 10:30 on 27/12/13

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Signature Viceroy: Redefining Indian Cuisine

Welcome to Signature Viceroy, a first class Indian restaurant serving a wide range of traditional and contemporary dishes.

At the Signature Viceroy we have one aim: to become the finest Indian restaurant in the whole of the South West. We have been overwhelmed with the positive reaction to our exciting new menu from customers in Yeovil, Somerset, Dorset and further afield.

We strive to bring you an extraordinary culinary experience unlike any other Indian restaurant you have visited before.

Our food is packed full of authentic flavours showcasing the unique regions of both North and South India. You'll find a mouthwatering fusion of traditional dishes and exciting new innovations created by our head chef Mamrej Khan.

To book a table, call us today on 07779 570278. We also offer a takeaway service - please visit our website to see the extensive range of dishes available.


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8 Reviews of Signature Viceory

  • Profile image for topsyjkv

    Still the best


    Took my brother and wife here when they were down from Scotland. They were so impressed.
    The owner and staff have adopted our 94 year old best friend as their Da Da, grand dad in Indian
    Well done Luff and all the boys

    By topsyjkv at 10:30 on 27/12/13

  • Profile image for Tinabush1950

    Hot, hot, hot


    I love the hot vindaloo. These guys know customer service, large portions and extra popadoms

    By Tinabush1950 at 18:15 on 01/01/13

  • Profile image for Jansy1956

    Our Best Ever


    We have been going here for many years, before the current owners to over. My what a change since they have been in charge. It is the place we go for that "special night" and the staff and food make it so. We tend to make a night of it and have never been rushed out. My husband loves the variety of dishes the have and has tried most with no complaints, me the unadventurist one has the same and this is now known by the staff. We are actually quite fussy and want good food and service when we eat out and have not found many places to satisfy us. Here has always been top of the list. We eat out at least once a week either lunch or dinner so some of an idea about such things.
    I give here a 5star plus plus plus etc.

    By Jansy1956 at 17:30 on 18/08/11

  • Profile image for Js3758

    Very Bad Food


    I ordered a takeaway from here to find that the food was cold, and not fresh. I am not a very fussy person so I did not complain. When I microwaved the food and began to eat it, the food tasted terrible. Worst Restaurant in somerset Guaranteed!

    By Js3758 at 16:06 on 30/04/11

  • Profile image for fbr229

    Great food, great staff, great atmosphere and great decor!!!


    Firstly, may i say i am astonished by the comment made by this gibson person, i mean talk about being unlawful. May I just point out that reselling tap water is in actual fact illegal and Viceroy has been a growing business for over a decade now and i very much doubt that they will risk all that reputaion over some bottled water. Also, if you were in doubt all you had to do was express your concern and as the manager is generous (always throwing in a freebie with our meal) would have given you something as a good will gesture. Moving on, Viceroy is really a Fine dine resteraunt and really knows how to experiemnt their spices. Love their Chicken Jalfrezi's, Love their Biriyanis and Love all their fish made Dishes. Delicious! Value for Money, great management and certainly a great atmosphere!! Been dining there for over 5 years now and no complain!!! Please check it out....

    By fbr229 at 14:58 on 19/11/10

  • Profile image for peepod222

    Pee pod


    I was astonished by the previous comment by ljgibson. I have eaten in Indian restaurants all over the UK and Viceroy and Signature Viceroy are one of the most outstanding I have tried. Who would have thought you could find such a gem here in Yeovil! We have been loyal customers for over five years now since moving to the area, we have tried the competition, but quite frankly there is none, the service is outstanding and the quality, freshness and presentation of food is superb. The bottled water has never been an issue for me, I have asked for tap water and it is given without question. The staff bend over backwards to help you and will even adjust dishes to your spice level. Friday night is always Viceroy night in our house!!

    By peepod222 at 13:57 on 19/11/10

  • Profile image for ljgibson



    I dined here when it was a quiet night and found it was terrible - as well as pulling the old water trick (would you like water? - opens bottle of sealed tap water), I was greated with a bland stew like curry with a bit of branch in it. It may have been an off night but as the owner was there taking with his marketing consultant it was not something they seemed bothered about.

    A great pity as I had been previously inpressed, but now this place is all show and no substance.

    By ljgibson at 15:10 on 09/11/10

  • Profile image for bumpkin_boi

    Something different


    Viceroy Indian has the best menu of all the Asian restaurants in the area! Nothing you would expect, but loads of authentic, unusual dishes instead, and the waiters will break the whole lot down for you so you don't end up ordering anything you won't like! However, that in itself seems unlikely as all the food is beautiful and there are also a good range of alcoholic and soft drinks to wash the whole lot down with. They have another restaurant nextdoor with the same name.

    By bumpkin_boi at 15:25 on 15/10/10


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